Year 2017-2018

Winter School on Syntax December 2017

Workshop on Biblical Hebrew Linguistics and Philology June 2018

Year 2016-2017

Linguistic Perspectives on Causation June 2017

Year 2015-2016

Catalonia-Israel Symposium February 2016 

Year 2014-2015

Workshop: New Directions in Negation and Polarity February 2015

Workshop on Verbs, Verbs Phrases and Verbal Categories March 2015

Joint HUJI-TAU Workshop on Usage-Based Linguistics June 2015

HUJI-TAU Winter School on Exhaustivity December 2016

Year 2013-2014

International Workshop - Allmorphy: its logic and limitations- July 2014

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation: Focus-Sensitive Expressions from a Cross Linguistic Perspective February 2014

Year 2012-2013

Mind, Logic and Language: Joint Workshop of the Hebrew University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill May 2013

Workshop on Resumptive Pronouns: Celebrating thirty years to ‘On the Syntax and Semantics of Resumptive Pronouns’ by Edit Doron July 2012

HUJI/TAU Syntax-Semantics Reading Group Workshop July 2012